Cowboys had insight on Bennett

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Coordinator knows Bennett well

The Dallas Cowboys did not make an uninformed decision when it came to trading for defender Michael Bennett.

As our Cowboys insider Mickey Spagnola reports….one Cowboys coach knows Bennett very well…

So, the Dallas Cowboys really had some inside intel on Michael Bennett before they made that trade to bring the defensive lineman here to the Dallas Cowboys. He had spent five seasons with Cowboys pass game coordinator slash secondary coach Chris Rashard. He knows all about Michael Bennett.

The history of it is it’s really cool. But I think what he understands and obviously, again, what I understand is, is it’s not about what has been it’s about what we’ll be. And, you know, we have a job to do here. And we’re both fired up to be here. You know, there’s no doubt we’re both fired up to be back together again, essentially. And all we’re looking forward to him to do is to come in and play the way that that he knows how, you know, and that’s the way our defensive line plays can up the field again, gap penetrating, aggressive trading and havoc. After three practices, the Cowboys have been working Bennett at defensive end, along with as the under tackle, meaning the three technique behind Maliek Collins. They’re hoping for an upgraded pass rush when they go to their nickel situations for the Silver Star Nation. Mickey Spagnola here at the Star

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