Garrett reacts to loss

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Coach reacts to loss

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett held his weekly news conference at the Star Monday afternoon.

Coach Garrett reacted to the loss to the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night.

Cowboys insider Mickey Spagnola talks about why the team lost a close one.

When the Cowboys lose a game the way they did Sunday night against the Minnesota Vikings 28 – 24. There are certainly a lot of reasons why this happens. You didn’t run the ball well enough. You didn’t stop the run well enough. You didn’t convert in the red zone. You didn’t return a punt when you shouldn’t have. Should have returned a punt. And Jason Garrett knows that the Cowboys, though, overall had the run the ball better than they did. Ezekiel Elliott held to only forty-seven yards.

They did a good job against us. And at the outset of the game I thought we defended the run better. But as the game moron particulars, we got into the third quarter. They did a good job just getting in on us and not allowing us to have that gap discipline that indeed set in the edges. And they did a good job. Those runners get their foot in the ground and go north and south. And you know, there were some really good examples, clinic real examples of stopping the run the right way. Individual plays in the game. But certainly, consistently we did. We didn’t stop the run up to our standard. And that’s been something we’ve done a good job of around here. And we did not do a good enough job last night. And how strange was it? The Cowboys were not able to run the ball consistently. Think about this. They did not run for a first down. None. That’s only the third time in franchise history. They finished the game without a rushing first down for the Silver Star Nation. Mickey Spagnola here at The Star

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