Mickey’s keys to Bills game

Silver Star Nation

Time for those Silver Star Nation keys to the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game against the Buffalo Bills.

The first key is no joshing around. Bills quarterback Josh Allen is one of the reasons why the Bills own the fifth rank rushing team in the National Football League. They’re averaging one hundred and thirty-nine yards a game. Josh Allen has rushed for three hundred and eighty-seven yards by himself and leads the team with seven rushing touchdowns. The Cowboys have to contain him.

The second key is special effects. No secret the Cowboys struggled on special teams in this past game against the New England Patriots. They had a punt block and they had trouble catching kickoffs. Cowboys have to clean all that up, and especially against the Bills team. Special teams is going to be important because the Bills have been very good about returning kicks.

And the third key is, well, I’m not sure it’s a key, but it’s got to be a goal. Just win, baby! The Cowboys go into this game with a 6 and 5 record. If they can beat the Bills, they’ll be seven and five and at least maintain a one game lead in the NFC East. And it would quiet some of the noise out there. For the Silver Star Nation on Mickey Spagnola here at the Star

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