It has begun.

With the Eagles on the doorstep of their third NFC championship since the turn of the century, the city of Philadelphia is already making preparations for a celebration.

That includes potentially covering the city’s light poles in grease ahead of the Eagles’ battle royale with the 49ers on Sunday afternoon, according to a Friday report from KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

Star quarterback Jalen Hurts and the Eagles are 2.5-point favorites over San Francisco on the heels of a 14-win regular season—the most regular season victories in franchise history.

If Hurts can lead Philadelphia to its first NFC title since 2017, locals fans are wont to explode in a mass demonstration of joy—an emotion that has, in the past, sent jubilant Pennsylvanians scurrying up Philadelphia’s light poles.

"Police said they use a product called Bio Bottle Jack Hydraulic Fluid ISO 32" to climber-proof the poles, according to KYW-TV. "They put it in five-gallon pails."

Whether any substance can truly restrain Philadelphia’s fans—who turned out in the hundreds of thousands when the Eagles won Super Bowl LII five years ago—remains to be seen.