LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner and while some fans will be rooting for their teams in the stands, others will get a taste of the excitement in a different way. 

Some fans rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, or the Philadelphia Eagles are showing their support for their favorite team by what type of food they are ordering. 

Rich Cosgrove is the owner of Whole Hog Cafe North Little Rock, and he says customers have been buzzing about the big ball game and he is happy the Chiefs are representing the tasty and tangy delights like BBQ, since Kansas City is known for it. 

“It’s nice to have a BBQ place be in the Super Bowl although they have been there a lot,” Cosgrove said. 

Cosgrove expects a lot of customers who are fans for one of the teams to come through the doors this weekend ordering food. 

“Saturday will be crazy busy with people coming to get food for Sunday,” Cosgrove said. 

However, at Gino’s Kitchen in Little Rock, Julia Works, the general manager, says they’re pulling for the Eagles since Philly is known for their cheesesteaks and that’s one of their popular items on their menu. Which she expects will be shown by her customers. 

“Come Sunday they (customers) will go (order) the Philly steaks or the Philly Steak Pizzas,” Works said. 

Dewey Oxley says he is rooting for the eagles to win the Super Bowl, however the only thing that would change his mind to root for the Chiefs has to do with Kansas City saying how good Arkansas BBQ is. 

“They (Chiefs) can sway me a little bit if they (Chiefs) started liking Arkansas BBQ,” Oxley said.