LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Governor-elect Sarah Huckabee Sanders will take the oath on Tuesday, and she took time to lay out her day one game plan on this week’s Talk Business & Politics.

Talk Business & Politics host Roby Brock got the opportunity to sit down with the governor-elect and talk about the mission of her administration starting on day one.

Sanders said her number one task as governor will be improving quality of education across the state. She said that she believes Arkansas can do better in that regard and she hopes to hit the ground running with improving reading levels and building better foundations in schools when she is sworn in.

The governor-elect also spoke on her mission with criminal justice reform in Arkansas. Sanders said that some of the tasks her administration is looking to tackle are things like criminal rehabilitation, reducing prison overcrowding and making the criminal justice system in the state more efficient.

Then, Sanders discussed some other things she is looking to tackle when she takes office this week, such as remaining cabinet picks and tax cuts going into the general session.

Sanders will be sworn in on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

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