Team20 Digital Solutions is here to help Arkansas businesses thrive by combining the strength of TV and digital! Do you need to get the word out about your business? Our advertising services on KARK 4 and FOX 16 help you find customers and help customers find you! Don’t be left behind!

To learn more, call our Digital Sales Manager Dean Cramer at (501) 340-4582.

What is Team 20 Digital Solutions?

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NO-WASTE MEDIA – We work to ensure that EVERY DOLLAR spent is targeted, verified, and achieves meaningful results. We make EVERY DOLLAR work harder for our clients!

DETAILED REPORTING – Highly visual, best-in-class reporting that is easy to understand. Need the spreadsheet of raw data? Just download our 100% TRANSPARENT spreadsheet for each tactic.

COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY – Reporting on our ENTIRE LIST of sites/apps we served ads to.

PROPRIETARY SCREENSHOT TECHNOLOGY – Our crawler bot takes a SCREENSHOT “LIVE” when a user sees an ad, so you can see where the ad served and what content it was next to.

VIEW-THROUGH TRACKING – Monitor when a person sees your ad, doesn’t click on it, but VISITS YOUR WEBSITE later via search engine or direct search.

CREATIVE PERFORMANCE COMPARISON – Compare the PERFORMANCE of different ad creatives to optimize your campaign and increase chance of CONVERSION.

FREE DIGITAL LIFT CASE STUDY (for +90 Day Campaigns) – Find out exactly how much more likely visitors are to go to YOUR WEBSITE when they see the ad compared to those that never saw your ad!

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