LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Road conditions are dangerous and come Wednesday, they may be worse.

Road crews are working overtime, doing all they can to stay ahead of things.

Lee Church is the Operations Coordinator for Little Rock Public Works. He said they have a total of 17 trucks able to treat roads right now with salt and sand.

“Our snow fighters team began yesterday, worked through the night, we’ve worked all day today and going through the night and all day tomorrow,” Church said. “The trucks have been at it all day long.”

Church said to specifically watch out for black ice and to avoid bridges, overpasses and hills.

“I don’t like this because it’s trickier than snow,” he said. “Snow you can maneuver in better, it’s hard to stop on this.”

Dave Parker with the Department of Transportation said his crews are out treating highways and major roadways, though it is likely to get worse before it gets better.

“We’ll do the best we can but everything’s wet and everything’s going to freeze,” Parker said. “Do not be fooled by what you’re seeing or what you’re not seeing. It is slick and it is cold out there.”

Parker and Church are concerned everything will ice over tonight and be worse tomorrow, so they said to prepare to not drive tomorrow either unless you absolutely have to. Their crews will be out treating roads tomorrow to get them drive-able as soon as possible.