LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Another round of ice coming in means another round of slick roads for drivers.

Wednesday afternoon, however, roads were not quite as slick as some expected.

“It wasn’t bad,” Percy Jackson said. “The bridges weren’t bad.”

Drivers like Jackson and Shundia Robinson only got out for necessities Wednesday, but they were pleasantly surprised at the roads not being too bad.

“Gas for the house, gas for the car… that’s what got me out,” Robinson said.

Forecasts indicate another round of ice coming in tonight, so drivers are not off the hook just yet.

“Hopefully tomorrow though it will be good cause I’m due to work today was my off day,” Robinson said.

The advice from your fellow drivers is simple: consider not only yourself but everyone else on the road.

“Like… slow down we’re all trying to go home but the main goal is to get there safely,” Robinson said.

The spokesperson for the Department of Transportation said the main areas of concern are those with higher elevation, so bridges overpasses and trees that could freeze over tonight.

He said the biggest thing to watch out for will be black ice.