WINSLOW, Ark. — It’s been so long since we’ve been hiking that on the latest episode of Troy’s Terrific Travels we hiked two!

Our digital producer Noah Delashaw, his wife Rachel, and I took a road trip to northwest Arkansas to see Devil’s Den State Park and check out the top two rated trails is has to offer.

Yellow Rock Trail:

Rated the No. 2 trail in the park, but was so beautiful and fun that you’ll want to come back with friends. It’s a 3.1 mile loop that you can do three different ways.

There are tons of great rock formations and sandstone crevices that you will enjoy, but the main attraction is the yellow rock bluff that has a gorgeous overlook that you’ll probably snap a couple of photos for your Instagram.

TIPS: Bring a decent amount of water, wear light breathable clothing because it was really hot, and check to make sure you are on the right track. We may or may not have gotten lost for a quick second. Hiking shoes are recommended for this trail as it is rated as moderate.

Devil’s Den Trail:

Rated the No. 1 trail in the park. It’s a 1.5 mile loop trail that has a ton to see the whole time. Waterfalls, sandstone crevices, and caves. However, right now the caves are closed and we’re not sure when they’ll open back up again.

You’ll definitely want to stop and check out all the cool features of the trail, but it’ll take you maybe a little over an hour. Great trail to take smaller kids on. Dogs can go too, however, must be kept on leash.

TIPS: You don’t need a ton of water. However, depending on how hot it is… the creek was super refreshing for a dip so you might consider taking an extra pair of clothes to change into. Even if you don’t go swimming in the creek, chances are you’ll be drenched with sweat so take extra clothes no matter what. Hiking shoes are recommended for this trail as it is rated as moderate.

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