Business owners in Birchwood Square respond to vandalism


JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) – One local business owner cannot wrap her head around why vandals would tag the back of her business.

Multiple shop owners of Birchwood Square on Southwest Drive returned to work with an unpleasant surprise Friday and some are saying this has happened more than once.

“It’s stupid. I know it’s just a childish prank but it cost local businesses money. We still have to cover it up and paint it,” owner of Fun Sun Gifts, Teresa Beck, said.

Birchwood Square is a place where you can purchase a diamond ring, pick up fresh flowers, get a check-up for your child or even find unique gifts for anyone.

But, what may appear as a normal shopping center upfront is different in the back of the building.

The walls at Birchwood Square have been vandalized and one owner believes she caught the “artists” on camera.

In the video posted to Facebook, it appears the culprits are two young males.

The vandalism is something another business owner in the shopping center is way too familiar with.

In 2016, the owner of Pagan Jewelry filed a report with Jonesboro police, saying his exterior wall had been spray painted. The report also showed that not only was the peephole painted black but “R.O.G. boys” was tagged to the back of the building.

No one was ever charged in that case.

But, Beck said it’s a bigger message in this all.

“I think it’s an age-old thing that has kinda gone by the wayside and I’m pretty sure it’s from leadership down that people don’t respect other people in general. I just really wish they would come forward and fix it. No harm, no foul,” Beck said.

However, she also says if you know who did this, work to hold them accountable.

“Bring them by here and we’ll get them some paint and have them fix it,” Beck said.

The overall concern for the owners is that when people vandalize their buildings, it takes time and money to fix.

It is something that the business owners say should be both needless and unnecessary.

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