Good news for early Christmas decorators: The joy lasts longer


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- If it seems people are decorating earlier for Christmas these days, you’re right- they are.

That’s according to Ari Fason of North Little Rock, who’s helping families knock out the decorating, often as early as October.

She says getting it up sooner allows families to enjoy the holiday longer.

“A lot of people like to travel during the holidays, so maybe they’ll be gone two- or three weeks, so they really want to enjoy all of this around them,” Fason said. “Plus, you’ve got your kids making you stuff at school, bringing it home.”

Also, the decor or not just for the moment- she says it’s about it’s about making good, lasting memories.

So, if you feel like doing it, you’re not alone! Get those trees up, those grinches out, the reindeer, and enjoy the holiday.

If you want some help with ideas, Fason says she loves to help and can be reached Facebook or Instagram, to build your unique Christmas experience in your home.

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