MARVELL, Ar. – The Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission hosted their 2022 Non-Violence Youth Summit, “The Delta Experience.”

Aimed at promoting literacy and non-violence to all students at Marvell-Elaine School District by creating creative ways to get the youth engaged and eyeing their future. 

During the Commission’s event, they had three high schoolers dressed as marvel comic book characters read to elementary school students. The Commission’s Executive Director, DuShun Scarbrough says the costumes were a clever disguise to get students more intrigued when it came to reading. 

“Since being on virtual and homeschooling, We realize the importance of literacy and getting kids back to reading,” said Scarbrough. 

Scarbrough says they are also aiming to make high school student’s dream possible when it comes to taking collegiate steps.

“The King Commission is actually giving away a thousand-dollar scholarship today for a youth [senior at Marvell-Elaine High School] here that is wanting to go to college,” said Scarbrough. 

Scarbrough says getting there starts with motivation and not getting distracted by bad influences. 

“We’re looking at individuals who don’t want to be promoted and don’t want to go further in their life. That’s a hot mess. I want to take that mess and make it a message,” said Scarbrough. 

A mission Leron McAdoo, a motivational speaker helped spread to the high school students during the event. 

“They have a purpose, they’re here for a reason, they should move forward so that they can contribute to the world,” said McAdoo. 

The desire for you to succeed and not give up was amplified at the event by the Commission’s celebrity ambassadors, Youtubers’ The Wicker Twins and musician Romeo Miller. 

Scarbrough says the Commission will have another non-violence youth summit at North Little Rock High School on November 17th.