Difference Makers Award: Settled Souls helps homeless get off the streets

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – When a person is coming out of homelessness and given a permanent place to stay, oftentimes they don’t have anything but what they can carry. 

The local nonprofit Settled Souls works to make their house a home. 

That’s why the organization is this month’s Difference Maker.

A small apartment has everything anyone would need. A bed, clean kitchen and a nice living room to wind down in. 

It’s a place completely furnished for a person coming out of homelessness. 

“I think it improved the sustainability of someone moving into a space,” says Stephanie Byers, Settled Souls President.

The nonprofit was created in 2016 when it saw a need.

“Sometimes they have come from communal living where they have been around a lot of people,” Byers continues.

By setting up the apartment, it gives people a sense of belonging, off the streets.

“They have the ability and a place to call home so they can get the job and have a place to come home and get a good night’s rest,” adds Byers.

For what Settled Souls does for the community, it’s being honored. 

“To celebrate the good work that Settled Souls is doing, Rainwater, Holt, & Sexton is presenting you this check for $1,000 so you can provide more beautiful furniture like this for more deserving people.”

It’s help for an organization that helps others live more productive lives. 

“As a memento for having received the Difference Maker award, we’re going to give you this trophy for our thanks.”

Byers says as much as they give, their clients provide something to them. 

“When we help someone, they are the one that feels so grateful for making their house a home, but really in the end every time we leave, we’re the grateful ones for the gift of seeing them more conformable,” she says.

Settled Souls is creating a warm, healthy environment for people to succeed.

The Difference Makers Award is brought to you by Rainwater, Holt & Sexton:

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