HIGGINSON, Ark. – On any given day, women at Daughters of the Other Side, or D.O.T.S. learn lessons about life. Those lessons are valuable for people like, Sarah, who haven’t always had the easiest time navigating life.

“I was at a point in my life where it was either death or changing my ways,” Sarah said about why she came to live at D.O.T.S., which is a faith-based restoration and transformation home for women in addiction.

“At first it was different because I had never been around anybody who showed me the love of God, but it’s just been amazing,” Sarah said.

Sharon Hughes started D.O.T.S. four years ago for very personal reasons. She grew up in a house with a mother who suffered from alcoholism. As a teen she became addicted to alcohol and had a child who died after birth due to her addiction. In 2012, she lost a sibling to an overdose.

“Just from the pain of that and other people pouring into my life, I believe that I could possibly make a difference if I created a safe environment for women to heal,” Hughes said.

The program has two phases. One that teaches the daughters life skills and another that preps them for life outside the facility.

“It’s taught me how to be a functioning human and how to be a mom and just how to live life and not have to turn to drugs for help, but actually prosper and be successful,” Sarah said.

And all of the organization’s hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

Rainwater, Holt & Sexton presented D.O.T.S. with a $1,000 donation and the Difference Makers Award.

“We’re so grateful and thankful that Rainwater, Holt & Sexton would look at us over in Searcy, Arkansas and say I’m going to do something to help those women and truly it’s the women you’re helping,” Hughes said.

D.O.T.S. plans to use the money for a 15-passenger van and eventually wants to purchase land to build a house just for moms and their babies.