Difference Makers Award: Pathway to Freedom

Difference Makers Award

WRIGHTSVILLE, Ark. – Pathway to Freedom is changing lives for the better.

It’s a non-profit that helps inmates before and after they are released from prison.

For its good works, Pathway to Freedom has been selected as the Difference Makers Award winner for November.

“I got kicked out of school, I got expelled from school and committed my first burglary,” says T.J. West, a Pathway to Freedom liaison.

A YouTube video shows West years ago, when he was doing time in the Arkansas Department of Correction.

He spent 10 years behind bars for kidnapping, robbery, and residential burglary.

“Even saying that brings a sense of remorse”, he continues.

While in prison, he found Pathway to Freedom. He now works with the organization, helping other inmates the way he was helped.

“It also helps to transform lives as well as building better communitites, if it’s possible,” explains Scott McLean, with Pathway to Freedom.

He’s the founder and executive director. McLean says his goal is to give inmates a second chance at life.

“We’ve been doing this for quite some time now and we know that it works,” he adds.

Little Rock law firm Rainwater, Holt, & Sexton presents the Difference Makers Award each month.

“Gentleman if anyone is making a difference for Arkansas it is Pathway to Freedom and we thank you, and give you this check from Rainwater, Holt & Sexton.

Pathway to Freedom says this is something no one person can fix.

“We need the support from the community. We don’t receive any government funding. We’re all privately funded,” McLean says.

Pathway to Freedom is changing lives and families from the inside out.

Click here to learn more about Pathway to Freedom and how to help.

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