HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A home is an anchor, a place of refuge, and a place to find love. For a group of women, a home in Hot Springs at The Hope Movement is also life-changing.

“The reality is this program is not for everybody,” Pastor Greg Bearss said.

Bearss and his wife founded The Hope Movement with the goal of helping women who are coming out of addiction transition into followers of Jesus and become powerful assets to the community.

“We see ladies coming out of a dark past and recognizing that they can be more than what they’ve been in the past and what people have told them they’ve been and we’re seeing their whole mind shift change,” Bearss said.

Here’s how it works. After a woman completes rehab and an interview process, they can live in the Hot Springs home and undergo the program. It typically lasts six months to a year. Eight women can live there at a time. Over the years they’ve helped countless women and have a number of success stories.

“One of our great success stories is a graduate of the hope movement that is now watching her granddaughter be born and her child graduate from high school. It’s a huge success,” Bearss said. “We have another Hope Movement graduate that’s now a part of The Hope Movement and is now on staff at The Hope Movement. God is doing amazing things and we’re really excited about all he’s done.”

Someone else that’s excited about the work being done there is Rainwater, Holt & Sexton. That’s why the law firm is naming The Hope Movement as this month’s Difference Maker and donating $1,000 to the nonprofit.

“When we heard that we were getting this award, we really felt like it was God affirming what’s happening here,” Bearss said.

He plans to use this money to make some renovations to the home and continue serving women who are moving away from addictive lifestyles.

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