DUMAS, Ark. – Inside the Dumas High School gymnasium Tuesday, a moment of silence contrasted the overwhelming gunfire the city heard almost two months ago.

On March 19, Dumas suffered Arkansas’s largest mass shooting. 27 people were shot including five children. 23-year-old Cameron Schaffer of Jacksonville died from his injuries. Authorities arrested Brandon Knight of North Little Rock who admitted to being one of two gunmen.

On Monday, the Martin Luther King Commission hosted a vigil and peace walk for the victims and heroes who saved lives. Everyone recognized the tragedy head-on, and even though there is still an active police investigation for the shooting, today was about healing.

On every bleacher, there were people so close to those dodging bullets at the Hood-Nic car show. For Elissie Railey it was her brothers, sisters, and friends.

“They have really been shook up from it,” Railey said. “The city was very torn.”

The mass shooting was the main reason why the Martin Luther King Commission hosted a non-violence rally for the community’s youth.

On a full day of events, Dumas High students and visitors attended classes about bullying, gun violence, conflict resolution, and more. They held a candlelight vigil and community walk to remember the heroes and victims who suffered violence brought into their community by outsiders.

In Martin Luther King Commission Executive Director, DuShun Scarbrough’s words, “This community is not made of that.”

Broadway Joe left moments before the deadly shooting on March 19.

Joe admitted, “Some people seem to feel like the people who really need to be here aren’t here to hear this, but the right people are here who need to hear it so that they don’t get into this type of behavior.”

Star power joined in the message to leave a lasting impression. Actress Vivica Fox traveled from the red carpet so that Dumas’ walkways don’t become covered with scarlet blood again.

“This is not okay. As kids they should not be dealing with trauma like this,” Fox said..

Of the 27 shooting victims, five were children between the ages of 11-years and 19-months-old.

Fox vowed, “I’m going to do everything in my power that I can to try and get some gun control and to make sure that they are able to live out their future.”

A future that includes one event the violence could not take away, Hood-Nic or the “neighborhood picnic”. And hopefully, more community-focused activities, like Tuesday’s, to cheer Dumas along as it heals.

As Railey stated, “It doesn’t matter what is going on. The violence does not stop positivity.”

According to Arkansas State Police, only one person has been charged in the mass shooting investigation, but other criminal charges are pending. State Police had previously said it is believed there were two gunmen shooting each other involved.