JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – Spending time in the gym with a basketball in his hand is one of the things Landon Armstrong loves to do. Landon recently finished the 7th grade at Jacksonville Middle School. Now he’s looking forward to spending his summer at the rec.

“It’s like a summer program where a lot of kids from Sherwood and Jacksonville, they go to the rec and have fun,” Landon explained. “Sometimes if you sign up, they’ll let you go to splash zone for free.”

He is currently on the waitlist hoping to find a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. There are two things he hopes to learn from a big brother.

“How to be good and how to stay on the football team,” Landon said.

The 13-year-old also wants his future mentor to know one thing.

“I’m a fun person and I’m funny,” Landon said. “If I see something funny, I’ll just make a joke about it.”

When he’s not joking or playing sports, Landon enjoys video games with his friends.

The commitment to becoming a mentor is simple. It requires four hours per month. If you’re interested, visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas website.