JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – While Adrian Ford spends his days at Jacksonville Middle School, his real passion happens outside the classroom.

“I like to work on things [like] my bike,” Adrian said.

The 13-year-old has five bikes and he lights up when he talks about them.

“I got one that the frame lights up and then I got another one that’s multiple different colors,” Adrian said. “I have an orange and black one and that bike looks like it has car tires on it.”

Adrian wants to be a mechanic when he’s older.

“I had little plastic tools growing up and I just started messing with my bike,” Adrian said.

He also credited the men in his life for giving him this passion.

“My dad, he works on stuff. My grandfather, he used to be a mechanic in the Air Force and my stepdad, he also works on things,” Adrian explained.

While he does have those role models, he’s hoping to gain one more through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. The 7th grader is currently on the waitlist looking to be paired with the perfect match.

“I think it’ll be something cool and different,” Adrian said about having a big brother through the program.

He hopes his BIG will teach him a few things about school and about himself. He also hopes they will be able to work on his bikes together.

BBBSCA needs 100 adults to take the challenge of becoming a mentor. Click here for more information about becoming a mentor.