JACKSONVILLE, Ark. – A central Arkansas teen is hoping to find a Big Brother. Bruce Bennett, 14, is currently on the waitlist for a mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas.

“I kind of want to learn to be a better me,” Bruce said.

He’s in the 8th grade at Jacksonville Middle School.

“My favorite thing about school is meeting new people, making friends and doing stuff I love like playing sports,” Bruce said.

He’s also an athlete.

“Some things I like to do is work out. Sometimes I play games with friends, go out with friends and then sometimes I go to the rec and play basketball or something,” Bruce said.

He plays football and basketball and runs track at school. He hopes his BIG through BBBSCA will have similar interests.

“I would want somebody that’s athletic and I could talk to about things,” Bruce said.

He describes his home life as “crowded” since he’s one of six boys living in the house. He realizes his little brothers look up to him so that’s why he’s hoping to learn from a mentor.

“It can make me a better person and probably make them a better person, too,” Bruce said.

It’s also a priority for the teen to keep up his grades, so he wants a BIG who will help him with that, too.

To learn more on how you can become a Big through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas, head to BBBSCA.org.