Unlikely Pair Shows Benefit of Mentoring


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Spend just a few minutes with 17-year-old Chris Hunter and it  

If you spent just a few minutes with 17-year-old Chris Hunter it would become clear he was a jokester. 

“I play hearts,” Chris said during an interview. 

His mentor, Casey Wyatt, called him a smart aleck. 

“It’s not like a set up with a punchline. It’s just a constant stream of smartness,” Casey said. 

“My teachers get annoyed with me really quickly, but I don’t care,” Hunter said. 

Casey and Chris met five years ago through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas. 

“I’ve learned a lot from him. He actually gives me really good advice on how to handle growing up and getting out on my own,” Chris said. 

Over the years they’ve done just about everything together, conquering mountains, exploring museums and attending milestones in each other’s lives. 

“We also went digging for diamonds,” Casey said. 

“Yeah, and we didn’t find anything,” Chris added. 

“Yeah, that was miserable experience. It was so hot,” Casey said. 

“I was hoping to have my college tuition paid with that diamond,” Chris joked. 

While they come from completely different backgrounds, Casey encourages all men to not let that be a roadblock in becoming a big brother. 

“It’s a little scary at first, but it goes away and then it’s much more rewarding,” Casey said.  

“Men should really get out and get involved in this program because there’s a lot of young boys in 8th grade, like I was, who don’t really have father figures or male leadership and I feel like there’s a lot of them that needs that type of guidance in their life,” Chris said. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas has been matching mentors and mentees for 50 years. If you’d like to become a Big Brother or Big Sister, click here.

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