LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Dancers, artists and chefs took advantage of a new opportunity in Southwest Little Rock on Friday during a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at Plaza Frida. The plaza sits on the corner of 65th and Scott Hamilton, right next to the Little Rock Rangers Soccer field. The development is designed to provide opportunities to the Latinx and Hispanic communities.

“We have opportunities to showcase the art, and the connection, and the culture that is right here in Little Rock,” Jamie Taylor, Plaza Frida coordinator, said.

The plaza is still under construction, but once it is complete there will be spaces for lease by local small businesses.

“Each of these spaces is leased by a local small business that’s going to be able to expand and grow into this space and sell their items or provide their service to our community,” Taylor said.

There will also be a money market.

“Whether you need to pay your electric bill, pay your power bill, your water bill, or send a money gram, or send a Western Union, you can do that here,” Taylor said.

There’s also an outdoor space that you can rent for parties or celebrations.

“It’s important for families and for kids to have a safe place to go that feels fun and feels exciting and is located here in Southwest Little Rock,” Taylor said.

While it’s geared toward the Hispanic community, the plaza coordinator is encouraging everyone to check out this new space.

“It’s just a great example of if you’ll travel outside of your comfort zone, a little out of the zip code that you live in, you might find in Little Rock some really exciting, fun things like this,” Taylor said.