LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Each year parents bury their children because of violence in central Arkansas. Two Little Rock mothers are making it their mission to put an end to violence.

 Elizabeth Jones’ son was 25-year-old Kentarius Scott, who was shot and killed on Aug. 29, 2020 in the parking lot of Twin Peaks on Shackleford Drive.

“The loss of my son took a huge toll on me,” Jones said. “It just sparked a fire in me to just see if I know that violence will never end but see if we could just put a stop to it.”

The Little Rock Police Department arrested Darean Deshun Moore in connection to the shooting. Moore was later sentenced in 2022 to a total of 25 years for manslaughter.

On Wednesday, Jones spoke in front of a crowd at New Life Church in downtown Little Rock for their faith and leadership luncheon to share Scott’s life and memory in an effort to end violence.

“Kentarius “Peanut” Scott was so full of life and so full of joy,” Jones added. “I never thought or imagined that I would bury my child.”

Alongside Jones to talk at the event was Yolanda Harrison, who also felt her same agony. Her son, 20-year-old Devan Sprawling, was shot and killed on Nov. 30, 2018, on Fair Park Boulevard in Little Rock.

“He decided to come back home, and he wanted to work and change schools, to major in music,” Harrison said.

LRPD arrested Patrick Bennett in connection to the shooting of Sprawling. Bennett was later sentenced to a year in prison in 2022 as he made a plea deal and was charged with negligent homicide. 

Harrison said the violence in the community and the loss of losing a child because of it is an unbelievable pain.

“Let’s understand that there are families behind these victims who are hurting, who misses them,” Harrison said.

Jones said that because of her work she saw her pain being mirrored by others as 2022 set a record for homicides in Little Rock.

“Being employed with Robertson Mortuary I saw a lot of young men come through, several young men come through and it always made me think of my son, another mother who has to bury her child,” Jones said.

Jones says enough is enough and the violence needs to finally end.

“We need some kind of way to bring unity and love back in these communities and stop the senseless shootings, stop the violence,” Jones said.