Arkansas weather has been nothing short of varied in 2023. The year started on a wet note, with January through April picking up 7½”-9½” of rain each month.

May ended significantly below average, receiving 1.71″ of rain. Typically, Little Rock is rainiest during Spring and driest in Summer July through September.

  • 1ST: April gets 5.59″ of rain on average
  • 2ND: May/December pick up 5.08″ on average
  • 3RD: March gets 4.96″ on average

It starting drying out in August this year, with the month ending 1.35″ below average in rainfall.

September and October did not see any relief from much rain either. There were just 4 days of measurable rainfall in Little Rock for the entire month of September. As of October 23rd, there have been only 2 days of measurable rain for the month.

The lack of rainfall has had effects on the drought, river levels and wildfire danger. The majority of Arkansas is under moderate wildfire danger, with parts of southwest Arkansas elevated to a high risk as of late October.

Drought update as of October 19, 2023

Additionally, dry and warm conditions have kept ragweed levels moderate to high across parts of Arkansas mid-September into October. September ended 6 degrees above average for high temperatures. October is nearly 4 degrees above average for the month so far.

During the transition of Summer to Fall, stronger fronts often bring additional wind. Breezy conditions allow more pollen to spread easier, at the expense of allergy sufferers.

A good, widespread rain can help lower ragweed levels. So when will Arkansas see some relief?

The end of October fairs slightly more favorable for showers October 26 through Halloweekend. Overall, the best chance for heavier rain should come ahead and along a stronger cold front by October 30th. Of course, as we know with Arkansas weather, the forecast shifts.

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