OVERNIGHT: Clouds hang around tonight with temperatures in the 70s much of the evening, then dropping to the mid 60s overnight. Southwesterly wind will eventually shift to northeasterly before sunrise.

SATURDAY: Rain is favorable Saturday, with widespread showers throughout the day. A few isolated storms with heavy rain will move through at times, although most activity should remain light to moderate. Temperatures will stay in the 60s throughout the day, with the heaviest rain late morning through afternoon. Rain totals of over an inch are possible Saturday.

WHAT’S NEXT: It will be rainy all weekend, with additional showers and few storms Sunday. Wind picks up Sunday and Monday as the cold front moves through the state. High temperatures will be in the 60s Sunday and take a dive for Monday. Highs will be near 50°F with mornings dropping to near or at freezing levels Tuesday through Thursday mornings.

HALLOWEEN: It will be cold Tuesday, with the day starting in the mid 30s and the afternoon in the low 50s. It will be sunny and dry, with temps in the 40s by trick-or-treating time.

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