OVERNIGHT: Rain lasts through the evening before diminishing later tonight. Storms are possible through 8pm, with showers tapering off closer to 9pm and clearing out of central Arkansas after 10pm. Temperatures will be in the upper 50s for much of the night. It will be windy with sustained wind out of the southwest at 20mph and gusts closer to 35mph.

THURSDAY: It will be windy in the morning Thursday with sunshine and mild temps in the low 60s.

WHAT’S NEXT: Friday’s forecast is a little bit tricky. It is possible for NWA and higher elevations to get a little bit of snow. For Little Rock, the chance looks slim as of now. If on the low chance we end up seeing snowflakes, they should not cause an impact here, as our ground will be too warm for anything to stick. Afternoon temps Friday will be in the upper 40s. Mostly sunny & cool conditions this weekend.