CLINTON, Ark. – People in Clinton and Van Buren County are being hit hard with winter weather Tuesday night.

The Van Buren County Judge, Dale James said that hundreds of cars are stranded in the county. He also said that the most recent problem is trees falling on roads and crews having a hard time to get to the roads. The main concern for crews is getting to stranded vehicles and motorists.

Meanwhile, several families are having to stay in hotels either stranded or needing to be close for work tomorrow.

Maceon and Trey Mattison are brothers who work at a local supermarket. They’re staying in a hotel to be close to work on Wednesday. They told KARK 4/FOX 16 News this is not at all the type of weather they are used to, though they are not complaining.

“I like the weather, it’s kind of nice out here, but it’s kind of cold and I mean we got to walk down there in the morning… but it is what it is we love it,” Trey Mattison said.

Maceon Mattison said they are making the best of it tonight, potentially building snowmen and finding a place to sled before work tomorrow.

For another person at the hotel, David Jones, this weather is nothing. Jones is originally from Minnesota and works with Searcy County Schools now. He is having to stay in Clinton overnight during the winter weather.

He said the snow reminds him of home.

“In Minnesota they would cancel school if it was lower than 10 below zero,” he said. “I’m glad you guys are getting a little taste of Minnesota.”

Clinton School District will be closed Tuesday due to the weather. The superintendent said some buses were not able to complete their routes and students had to go back to the school temporarily, though everyone is back home and safe now.