Excessive Heat Warning Tuesday


Dangerous heat is forecast for the start of the work week. On Tuesday, air temperatures will range from the middle to upper 90s with heat index values from 100 to as high as 115 degrees statewide. An Excessive Heat Warning has been issued to include much of the state Tuesday.

It is very important that if you must be outside, avoid long periods of strenuous activity, take plenty of breaks, stay cool and hydrated.

Be sure that all outdoor animals have a place to stay cool as well as hydrated.

When you factor in the humidity, it feels much hotter than the air temperature and to our body, it reaches the danger to extreme range. At that level, you have a higher chance to have heat exhaustion and/or a heat stroke if you do not exercise proper precaution. That is why the heat index value is so important. There is a big difference between 90 degrees with dry air versus 90 degrees and very humid air.

In the image above, it explains how our body attempts to regulate our body temperature by sweating when we get too warm. When it is very humid, the sweating function does not work as well so our core temperature will stay elevated and or be slower to cool which can increase health risks.

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