POPE COUNTY, Ark. – A winter wonderland swept across parts of the state, but some people in Pope County said they weren’t expecting it to be this much.

It’s the snow, so peaceful as it floats down, but with snow comes the icy road conditions and the dashes to the grocery store.

“We hoped we wouldn’t get this, but we did,” Atkins resident Larry Bowden said.

Larry Bowden said he was at school trying to pick up his son when the conditions caused a wreck, and he said he worries about the people trying to travel especially as the sun sets.

“I’ve already had a fender bender, 10 minutes after it snowed. The roads are really slick and if you can go home and stay at home,” Bowden said.

Bowden said he had heard from people trying to make it to their home but couldn’t.

“People live on Crow Mountain over here and they aren’t going to be able to go home and I’m not going to invite them to come home with me,” Bowden said.

“It’s awful, but it is good for a lot of people, when I was growing up i enjoyed this kind of weather, but now I’ve gotten older and I don’t care much for it,” Bowden noted.

He said he hopes it all melts away soon.

“Maybe this won’t last many days and we will be back to normal and we can be running up and down the road burning cheap gas,” Bowden stated.  “I’m ready for spring to get here so we can plant a better garden and live a better life.”