CONWAY, Ark. – Tuesday was a calm day of clean-up after a violent night of storms.

Because of strong winds and rain about a dozen trees were ripped apart falling on houses, along with powerlines leaving over 900 people without power for a limited time. Luckily there were no reported injuries.

“We’ve probably had this happen about once a year. Once every couple of years,” Street Transportation department director Jacob Reynolds said. “It’s bad.”

According to Reynolds, there were about 20-25 members of cleanup crews that were clearing trees from the streets that were causing roadblocks.

“We started about 1:30 this morning and we’ll be hopefully done by dark,” Reynolds added. “We have about most open now, maybe except two or three.”

Conway has seen its fair share of severe weather before, but what happened early Tuesday morning was not expected.

“Some of them seemed to snap like toothpicks,” City of Conway spokesperson Bobby Kelly said.

Kelly says there are a few reasons the giant trees were torn up from the storm.

“We’re thinking with the saturated soils that we got, coupled with the high winds is what did it for us,” Kelly added. “I don’t want to say that we’re always prepared for anything, but they’re certainly prepared for the worst.”