Code Red Weather Warnings coming to Saline Co.

Tuesday at 10 a.m., Saline County launches its Code Red Severe Weather Alert System with a test call.

Sunday, the Saline County Office of Emergency Management told us why Code Red could save more lives than tornado sirens and weather radios.

“If they register, we can cover everybody in Saline County,” says OEM’s Terrell Burks.

Code Red sends pinpoint weather warnings sent directly to your cell, home phone or email inbox, but only if you sign up.

Burks says Code Red will be a great addition to the 48 tornado sirens and thousands of weather radios already in use across the county.

“The weather radios and sirens, they go off for the entire county, but the Code Red is only if you’re in the polygon that the Weather Service issues,” he says.

Code Red comes with a 41-thousand dollar price tag and covers everyone compared with tornado sirens that cost 12-thousand dollars a piece and only cover certain areas.

“The only holdback is getting people to register, because if they don’t register, they won’t get a call,” says Burks.

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