Slick Sidewalks Causing Problems in Downtown LR

LITTLE ROCK, AR – After winter weather hit this week, it’s safe to say most of us are now over it. Schools were out, people didn’t go to work, and now they want to hit the town. However, they may run into trouble in the River Market, it’s slick sidewalks. 

“We almost slipped a couple times coming down here,” Stephanie Corbett said. 

Slick ice covers parts of the sidewalks. Some people we even skipping it all together. 

“Earlier when I was walking down there, we actually went to the street to walk because the sidewalk wasn’t clear off yet and I didn’t want to fall,” George Corbett said. 

But the afternoon sun shine was an invitation to step outside for people who’ve been stuck indoors for days. 

“I actually have to go into work. We missed so many days of work,” Kortomomolu Briggs said. 

The slick sidewalks are still a struggle. They kept some off their scooters and others worrying about more than just their own two feet. 

“I have eight dogs right now so that’s 32 legs,” Professional dog walker Daniel Lilly said. 

Lilly is trying his best to keep himself and his pack of pups upright. 

“I do wish there was something that would make business owners or developers take care of the sidewalks,” Lilly said. 

Briggs pushes her stroller trough the ice, but gives one suggestion to not slip. 

“If you do the trick where you stick your heel in first and keep walking, it’ll keep you from falling, I promise,” Briggs said. 

Some, just strolling though it, but others find another skill all together. 

Just look for the dry spots, if you can find them,” Hannah Billingsley said. 

The city of Little Rock says it’s the business owners responsibly to clear the side walks. Within the last 24 hours UAMS says its treated 15 people for slips and falls. That’s more than double what it typically see. 

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