Storm preparations

Entergy is warning customers to be ready. Crews are on standby for when the power goes out, so people might also want to make sure to have a few tools and supplies on hand to get through the storm.

Best Buy shoppers are stocking up on gear and gadgets. Meredith Cochran is the Best Buy Mobile Manager and says a new product that just came out from Mophie is very popular. “It’s an I-phone portable charger that’s splash proof and rain proof. It’s a backup charger that’s actually a case that goes over your phone and is military certified.”

Cochran also recommends other accessories like the Otterbox and Lifeproof; highly protective cases to protect your phone from the elements. “Both are hot sellers. They are probably the main item we keep in the store at all times for any cell phone because we can hardly keep them on the shelf.”

Cochran says battery extenders for when electricity is out are a must. “If you’re out of power for a couple of days, battery extenders might really come in handy. The cool thing about some models is they will recharge your tablet or iPad too.”

At The Home Depot, emergency supply displays are set up at the entrance and exit as a convenience to shoppers. Pat Slaughter says generators are most popular. “We’re going to run out of supplies, however, we have a plan in place to bring in more to take care of our customers.”

Slaughter says equipment runs out fast from the tool rental department too, once the stormy weather hits. Batteries, flashlights, tarps, and chainsaws are what he recommends buying now.

Entergy customers are urged to download their I-Phone app to view outages and sign up for text message alerts to stay informed of when the power will be back on in certain areas.

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