The National Weather Service and Arkansas Division of Emergency Management observe March 6th through 10th as Flood Safety Awareness Week in Arkansas.

Flash flood safety awareness week

The term flood encompasses multiple different types of floods. Flash flooding is the most dangerous and deadly thunderstorm hazard. These are quick events and usually occur within 6 hours of the cause.

DeWitt Arkansas flooding- January 2023

Causes of flash flooding in Arkansas usually come from heavy rain or dam failures. More than half of flash flood deaths come from driving into flood waters.

A Flood, or river flood, is a slower event. These can occur when rivers flood over their banks and cover land that is usually dry. Floods can last for several days to weeks.

Flood vs. Flash Flood

To protect yourself from a flash flood, the first thing to do is move to higher ground immediatly. Also never drive through flood waters. You never know how fast the water is flowing, or what the ground looks like underneath the water. It only takes 12″ of water to float a small car. 18-24″ of water can float a large SUV or truck.

It’s important to stay informed during a flash flood as well. Make sure to check the radar and forecast. You can also tune into local TV, check the Arkansas Storm Team app, or look to social media for updates on current flood conditions.

Flash flood safety

Be alerted as soon as severe weather coverage begins by downloading the Arkansas Storm Team app from the App Store or on Google Play.