It’s pretty mild this morning, and it will be warm again this afternoon but not as warm as the last few days. The clouds and our chance of rain showers will keep the temperature down a little bit. NWA has already had rain in the overnight and early this morning. More rain coming from SE Oklahoma and North Texas will possibly be in Central Arkansas by Noon. The rain chance for Central Arkansas is going to be highest from 4 PM – 8 PM.

A chance of rain will stay with us through next Monday. The temperatures during this time will make a dramatic change. We stay warm today and tomorrow. It will be closer to normal this weekend with our highest rain chances as the front stalls out in the state.

Once the front moves all the way through Sunday evening, temperatures will nose dive. In Little Rock, we’ll have the coldest weather since February 25.

Beneficial rain is expected over the next five days, especially in Northwest Arkansas.