MONDAY AFTERNOON: Expect cloudy skies Monday afternoon with perhaps a few sprinkles. But in our higher elevations, where temperatures are already sub-freezing, areas of freezing drizzle could lead to dangerous road conditions before sunset.

MONDAY NIGHT: Rain continues to increase into Monday night as temperatures slip below freezing in Central Arkansas. Temperatures will slip into the lower 30s with freezing rain through the night. This will lead to dangerous road conditions in the Metro through the night.

TUESDAY: Temperatures will be near 30 Tuesday morning. Roads will be dangerous. Showers may slack off some during the morning hours, though another wave kicks in by the afternoon.

Temperatures should remain at or below freezing most of the day. This would likely lead to more ice accumulations on elevated surfaces. This could potentially cause trees and power lines to come down, leading to power outages.

WEDNESDAY & BEYOND: Tuesday’s showers will likely become lighter by the evening hours. But another wave of heavy rain moves in on Wednesday. This will likely come in the form of freezing rain early Wednesday morning.

If we can manage to get temps above freezing Wednesday, perhaps freezing rain will turn into a plan, cold rain. But if we stay at or below freezing, it could worsen our ice storm conditions by adding more ice accumulations. This would prolong dangerous road conditions and cause more power outages.

Light rain and freezing rain will continue into Wednesday night as temperatures slip below freezing. Then during the day Thursday, showers will gradually move out and conditions dry out. Temperatures return to the lower 40s. We remain dry through late-week, easing the stress caused by any ice we see.

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