TUESDAY MORNING: Temperatures start out on the frigid side again with most areas in the teens to mid-20s. Early morning clouds will gradually thin out, making for a sunny midday. Temperatures reach the mid and upper 30s by then.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Sunshine continues to dominate into the afternoon. But temperatures only climb into the lower 40s, making for another chilly afternoon.

TUESDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Skies remain clear into the night, dropping temperatures into the upper 20s to lower 30s.

WEDNESDAY & BEYOND: Temperatures will warm up a bit more Wednesday with a breezy south wind. Clouds will also gradually increase some into the afternoon. Highs reach into the upper 50s. Then a warm front lifts into the area Wednesday night, importing more humidity and perhaps a few scattered areas of drizzle Thursday morning.

Thursday will be much more gloomy with overcast skies and warming temperatures. Winds will remain breezy from the south, getting temperatures into the mid-60s. Some could reach the upper 60s at times, sparking additional showers and storms.

By Thursday night, a squall line develops. Though the risk is low, a few of these storms could be on the strong to severe side. Then showers linger through much of Friday and Saturday.

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