WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Expect clouds to continue to thicken as we head into Wednesday afternoon. But no rain is anticipated. Temperatures climb into the upper 40s.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Clouds remain into the overnight hours and temperatures slowly drop into the lower 40s. Some may get into the upper 30s.

THURSDAY: Early in the morning, temperatures will climb out of the low-40s to nearly 50. But this won’t last as a major Arctic cold front will slide through the state during the day. Once it arrives, a brief period of rain will quickly transition to snow showers.

The snow will mainly be focused across northern Arkansas. Some of this may move through central Arkansas, but it will be brief. Southern Arkansas will likely see nothing more than just a few flurries. Some accumulations will be possible, especially across the extreme northern tier of the state where 1-2 inches will be possible. At most, a dusting to an inch will be expected in central Arkansas. Snow will come to an end quickly into the evening hours.

Regardless of whether you see snow or not, all of the state is expected to see dangerously cold conditions move in. A strong north wind will make this cold even more deadly as wind chills drop below zero into Thursday night.

For a more detailed look at this system and how you can prepare, click here.

FRIDAY & BEYOND: By Friday morning, skies will be clear and temperatures will be frigid. Lows will be in the mid single digits with wind chills into the double-digits below zero. Anyone with exposed skin in these conditions could see frostbite set in within 15 to 30 minutes.

Sunshine will be with us Friday. But it does not warm us much. Highs only reach the low-20s. Wind chills remain in the single digits to perhaps low teens. Then by Saturday morning, we slip into the low teens and upper single digits. Wind chills drop to near zero or perhaps below zero.

Christmas Eve brings more sunshine and only slightly warmer temperatures. Still, we stay below freezing all day with highs only near 30. We may not get above freezing again until Christmas Day when we reach mid and upper 30s. This would leave us with at least 48 to 72 hours of sub-freezing conditions. So be sure to insulate your pipes to prevent utility damage in these conditions.

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