TUESDAY: A cool front drifts through Arkansas on Tuesday, enhancing rain chances just slightly and cooling us down a bit as well.

Temperatures start out near 70. Then by midday, we reach the low 80s. Highs reach the mid-80s around mid-afternoon just as showers and storms build. These will be hit-or-miss and will taper off some into the night. These storms are not expected to be severe.

EXTENDED FORECAST: Behind the front, temperatures will manage to drop into the mid-60s for Thursday morning. But as this front stalls into southern Arkansas, it could still spark a few isolated showers into Wednesday, despite cooler and drier air.

Wednesday’s highs only reach 80. But as the front fades, temperatures climb back into the mid and upper 80s later in the week. Our second cold front arrives Friday, sparking more scattered storms into the evening and overnight.

Those showers taper off into the morning on Saturday, leaving us with highs only in the mid-70s. Lows slip into the 50s by Sunday and Monday morning with highs in the 70s and lower 80s.

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