FRIDAY MORNING: Temperatures start out in the lower 50s, and those temperatures struggle to warm much during the morning as clouds increase from the west. A few showers may come and go with these clouds. Temperatures may climb into the upper 50s to nearly 60 later in the morning. Showers slack off some into midday. But they ramp up again later tonight.

FRIDAY AFTERNOON: We’ll see mostly cloudy skies through the afternoon with perhaps a couple of isolated showers early in the afternoon. Then those showers ramp up into the late-afternoon. Temperatures get colder and winds pick up out of the northwest. By mid-afternoon, we’re in the mid and lower 50s.

FRIDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Showers become more widespread across the state Friday night. Colder air continues to rush in with a strong northwest wind between 10 and 20 mph. Gusts could reach 20 to 30 mph. This will make it feel far colder.

With this colder air will also come some drier air. So those showers may come to an end around midnight or shortly after. That said, some of that colder air may catch up with the rain. This would transition our rain to a brief period of wintry mix or light snow showers before it’s all gone. This transition would be far more likely in our higher elevations north

Little to no impacts are expected as the moisture won’t be around long enough, plus surface temperatures will stay above freezing while the moisture is around. At most, there could be a dusting on grassy surfaces in parts of northern Arkansas. But road surfaces never freeze. Many will never notice it happened.

SATURDAY & BEYOND: By Saturday morning, skies are clearing out. But those temperatures will be frigid. Overnight lows slip down to the mid-30s with wind chills down to the mid and upper 20s. During the day, highs reach the upper 40s to nearly 50. But it feels colder with a strong northwest wind.

We stay mostly sunny Sunday with highs near 50. Then into Monday, we’re going to be monitoring our next system. This time, there won’t be enough time to warm up much. So there could be some wintry impacts out of that one in parts of northern Arkansas.


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