THURSDAY MORNING: Don’t be fooled by the clearer skies we see this morning over central Arkansas. Although last night’s cold front has brought cooler, drier weather into the area this morning, a trailing upper-level low sneaks back into the area by mid-morning. Mostly cloudy skies and light showers will likely come with it. Temperatures start out in the upper 50s.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Scattered light showers are likely across northern Arkansas, some of which will affect areas in central Arkansas as well. But in southern Arkansas, a bit more sunshine is possible with less rain. That said, temperatures may reach the mid-70s in the south while those in central and north Arkansas struggle to get out of the 60s.

THURSDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Showers move out into the evening, clearing skies across much of central Arkansas. By Friday morning, temperatures slip into the mid-50s. A few in northern Arkansas could drop into the 40s.

FRIDAY & BEYOND: We start out chilly with clear skies. But through the day, expect plenty of sunshine. Temperatures reach the upper 70s to nearly 80. Sunshine stays with us into the weekend and Memorial Day holiday. Each day, temperatures get a little hotter. Mid-80s are likely on Saturday followed by lower 90s early next week.

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