FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Abundant sunshine is expected into the afternoon, heating temperatures to about 100. Heat advisories are in effect across most of the state through the evening as it will likely feel more like 100 to 110.

FRIDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Skies remain clear into the night with temperatures dropping into the upper 70s. No rain is anticipated.

SATURDAY: Humidity ramps up into Saturday with continued sunshine. Temperatures climb into the upper 90s to about 100. But the heat index will be even higher, perhaps exceeding 110 in spots. Excessive heat warnings may be needed.

SUNDAY & BEYOND: The sunny, hot and rain-free pattern continues into Sunday and early next week. Highs will be near 100 with heat index values ranging between 105 and 115. Then by the middle of next week, a few isolated showers may return.


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