THURSDAY MORNING: Temperatures start out very mild, mostly in the upper 70s. But through the morning, abundant sunshine will send temperatures soaring. By midday, temperatures climb into the mid-90s with heat index values well above 100.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: More sunshine is on tap for the afternoon with only a very slight chance of a brief shower. Otherwise, the dangerous and potentially life-threatening heat will remain the main headline. Highs reach 100 with heat index values between 103 and 113.

THURSDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Skies remain mostly clear into the night. But with the humidity, temperatures only slip down to about 80 by daybreak Friday.

FRIDAY: More sunshine and dangerous heat is in store Friday. Afternoon temperatures may reach 101 or 102. heat index values range between 105 and 115, making the heat even more dangerous. Avoid strenuous work our exercise outdoors. Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water to avoid heat-related illness. This heat continues into Saturday. But a weak cool front may bring a few more storms and then mid-90s into Sunday and Monday.


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