TUESDAY MORNING: Skies will be clear through much of the morning, allowing temperatures to heat up fast. We start out near 80. Then by midday, temperatures climb into the mid-90s.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Heat advisories are in effect through much of the state during the afternoon as temperatures reach 101. Heat index values reach 105 to 110. A brief, isolated shower will be possible in the afternoon, though most will stay dry.

TUESDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Expect mostly clear skies into the night with temperatures slipping into the upper 70s to lower 80s. No rain is expected.

WEDNESDAY & BEYOND: We stay mostly sunny, hot and mostly dry into Wednesday. But a few more isolated showers or storms will be possible. These isolated storms become more scattered into Thursday, and even more so into Friday. This increase in rain chances will likely drop temperatures into the mid and upper 80s by Friday.


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