WEDNESDAY MORNING: Scattered showers and storms will be off and on through the early morning hours. But most of these move into Mississippi and Tennessee by midday with only a few showers by then. Temperatures start out in the mid-60s, likely reaching the upper 60s or 70 by midday.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Clouds may gradually clear out some into the afternoon, warming temperatures into the mid-70s. This sunshine will be somewhat of a tease, though. As a cold front begins to move through central and eastern Arkansas in the evening, a few additional storms may develop. These may be strong, producing some hail and a few strong wind gusts. They move out early in the overnight.

OVERNIGHT INTO THURSDAY: Temperatures slip to about 60 or upper 50s behind the overnight cold front. But we don’t dry out completely. An additional round of cloud coverage and light shower activity will swing through the state just in time for the morning drive.

THURSDAY AND BEYOND: Those light showers will mainly be focused over central and northern Arkansas. Clouds and showers move out by the evening. Highs will be much cooler than average, likely in the upper 60s to nearly 70. Friday morning will start out chilly. But sunshine warms us to 80 in the afternoon. The sunshine continues into the weekend with highs reaching 90 by Memorial Day.

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