WEDNESDAY MORNING: We begin our day with temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. Humidity remains low, so temperatures heat up quickly into the day. By midday, we reach the mid-80s.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Sunshine continues through the afternoon, heating temperatures to about 90. But with low humidity, this heat will still be tolerable. Winds will be light out of the southeast.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Skies remain clear into the night, dropping temperatures into the lower 60s. A few may drop into the upper 50s briefly into Thursday morning.

THURSDAY & BEYOND: A few high, thin clouds may move in Thursday. But otherwise, we’re still sunny and dry with highs near 90. This will continue into Friday as well, but perhaps with a few more clouds. Humidity ramps up a good bit over the weekend as temperatures soar into the lower 90s. So by early next week, heat index values may exceed 100 once again.

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