TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Some extra sunshine will appear into the afternoon, though clouds remain widespread. Temperatures reach the upper 60s to perhaps lower 70s.

TUESDAY NIGHT & OVERNIGHT: Wind ramps up into the night, likely between 10 and 20 mph. It will be out of the south. So temperatures will remain in the mid and upper 60s overnight.

By Wednesday morning, we’ll see cloudy skies and areas of drizzle. Some fog will be possible as well.

WEDNESDAY: Expect wind to become stronger through the morning as a line of storms arrives in western Arkansas. These could be on the strong side across western and northwest Arkansas during the morning. Damaging wind will be the main risk.

These storms weaken as they approach central Arkansas later in the morning. Meanwhile, our temperatures still climb into the upper 70s. Winds will be strong from the south, likely between 15 and 25 mph. Though the severe risk will be eliminated later in the day, scattered showers are still likely into eastern Arkansas through Wednesday afternoon. For more information on this risk, click here.

THURSDAY & BEYOND: Expect partly sunny skies by Thursday. Temperatures remain mild, likely in the mid-70s. Then we’re colder on Friday with showers. Highs will reach the mid-40s. Showers continue into the weekend.

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