TONIGHT: Tonight, at least earlier in the night, will be calm and partly cloudy. It will be warmer through the evening in the 80s for much of the Travs double games tonight then drop to the 70s by 9pm onward. Ultimately, temperatures will lower to the upper 60s. Rain approaches NWA early Friday morning before sunrise, and a little later for Little Rock.

FRIDAY: Widespread showers and storms are likely Friday, particularly during Friday morning. Some storms could be strong to severe. Wind is the primary threat with gusts up to 60-80mph possible. This will be enough to knock down some tree limbs, trees and powerlines in some areas – especially with an already saturated ground from all the rain this week. Another 1-2″ of rain is likely for central Arkansas. A Flood Watch goes into effect late tonight through early Friday afternoon. Hail is also possible in a few isolated, stronger storms. A tornado cannot be ruled out as well, but this threat is the lowest.

Rain should exit the state by late afternoon, and we’ll be rain-free by Friday evening. Afternoon temps will stay in the 70s for much of the state.

WEEKEND: Sunshine returns this weekend, and so does the high heat. Temps in the upper 80s Saturday and in the low 90s Sunday with it feeling more like 100°F.

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