Light showers/sprinkles came through overnight, and as expected, very little to no rain was actually measured. Only our Clinton airport was able to measure a hundredth of an inch of rain.

In the wake of those light showers, the clouds are clearing this morning. We will have a sunny sky for much of the day. The actual cool front will not move through until early Friday morning. So, today will be quite warm …almost ten degrees above average.

The front will come through and make Friday a couple degrees cooler, but then it will warm back up Saturday. A front Saturday night will drop it down closer to normal for Sunday, but then it will warm back into the 80s next week.

We do expect dry weather next week until after Wednesday when we’ll have another “chance” of rain Thursday. We’ll see how well this “chance” pans out. If it’s like the last three, it may just fizzle out by the time it gets here.